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AI and Humanity

Dr. Jackson discussed AI's potential for good and bad consequences to humanity in his 1974 textbook, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. The book's 1985 Second Edition stated “If AI systems do cause permanent unemployment, then we should consider ways to ensure that AI will support those it removes from work...If we can develop such mechanisms, then AI may lead to a very positive future, with more leisure time and a higher standard of living for the general public.”

Dr. Jackson continues to think ‘friendly AI’ can be developed - robots like C3PO, rather than the Terminator. To achieve friendly AI it's important to develop Tala and TalaMind, because a system that reasons in a conceptual language based on English (or some other common natural language) will be more open to human inspection than a black box or a system with an internal language that's difficult for people to understand.

Chapter 7, section 9 of Dr. Jackson's 2014 thesis discusses the problem of ‘technological unemployment’, and gives reasons why Artificial Intelligence may be necessary for both the survival and prosperity of humanity.