TalaMind LLC

Toward  Human-Level Artificial Intelligence

Via the TalaMind architecture & Tala conceptual language.

Mondrian Barcodes 23, © 2014 by Philip C. Jackson, Jr.

TalaMind LLC’s mission is research for an approach to human-level artificial intelligence proposed in a 2014 doctoral thesis. In principle, an AI system developed by following this approach could have ‘higher-level mentalities’ of human-level intelligence, including natural language understanding, self-programming and higher-level learning, curiosity, imagination, artificial consciousness, and metacognition. This approach can leverage previous research in many areas of AI, yet will need further research and development to achieve human-level AI or be used for specific applications.


Tala and TalaMind are trademarks of TalaMind LLC, to support future development.

The artwork Mondrian Barcodes 23 is a design mark of TalaMind LLC, and is from the cover of (Jackson, 2014). The author created it from a superposition of two-dimensional barcodes for ‘representation’ and ‘computation’.

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