Value of the TalaMind® Demonstration System


The TalaMind® Demonstration System provides a starting point and source code for further research, design, and development of TalaMind® and Tala®.

It illustrates how the Tala® language and TalaMind® architecture could eventually support human-level artificial intelligence within a prototype conceptual framework for natural language understanding, self-programming and higher-level learning, curiosity, imagination, mental spaces and conceptual blends, artificial consciousness, a society of mind, and nested conceptual simulation, as discussed in (Jackson, 2014).

It illustrates one way to implement the linguistic level of a TalaMind® architecture, using Scheme/Lisp in prototype software.

It illustrates one way the Tala® language can be processed at the linguistic level, using Scheme/Lisp in prototype software.

The TalaMind® Demonstration System v1.3 is licensed under the TalaMind Software License, Version 1.0.

The software is written in the Scheme dialect of Lisp, using JScheme 7.2 and Java, both of which are available for free. The source code can be viewed and edited in a text editor such as TextPad. It compiles and builds without errors using Microsoft OpenJDK and Apache Ant 1.10.1. Earlier or more recent versions of Java and Ant should also work.

This software was entirely developed with personal funding by Philip C. Jackson, Jr. Offering the software to AI researchers will facilitate developing a research community for the TalaMind® theoretical direction. The trademarks Tala® and TalaMind® have been created with a goal to support future development.