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Dr. Jackson is pleased to announce the publication of:

Toward Human-Level Artificial Intelligence – Representation and Computation of Meaning in Natural Language. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Third Edition. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) – with about 70 pages of new material on Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century.

These new texts explain why a ‘natural language of thought’ research approach is in the direction most likely to achieve human-level AI that will be beneficial to humanity.

To be successful, this approach will require a large community research effort, but the approach is not yet widely known or accepted. Therefore, many scientists need to consider engaging in this research approach. Hence many scientists need to read and consider the discussions in these books.

For that to happen, the books need to receive positive reviews. Optimistically, the books will eventually receive many positive reviews, yet achieving beneficial human-level AI is too important to simply wait and hope for positive reviews: It is appropriate to invite scientists visiting this website to read these books and give them positive reviews, if they think such reviews are merited. Hopefully, initial reviews will recommend that others ponder this research approach as a direction for future work.

Thank you in advance for considering this request.

How to Post Reviews

At Amazon, the web page for a book has a "Customer reviews" section with a button "Write a customer review".

At Barnes & Noble, the web page for a book has a "Customer reviews" section with a button "Write a Review".

Of course, there may also be opportunities in the future to contribute reviews to professional journals.

Two New Books