TalaMind® Topic-Specific Services

TalaMind LLC offers part-time short-term consulting in the United States on research, design and development of computer software for applications and extensions of the Tala® language and TalaMind® architecture for AI systems to support or use technologies for:

  • XConcept® - 'Executable concepts', self-programming, self-development, and machine learning.
  • TalaCloud® - 'Society of Mind' architectures of AI systems interacting on the World Wide Web.
  • TalaPhone® - AI systems hosted on smartphones and tablet computers.
  • TalaScope® - Search engine technology and information retrieval algorithms.
  • TalaVision® - Artificial imagination, visualization, spatial reasoning,  computer-generated imagery, motion pictures, and AI systems hosted on televisions.

Billing for each of the above consulting services individually is at $700/hour, plus expenses. To purchase consulting, send email to dr.phil.jackson@talamind.com.       Consulting is available via email correspondence or online web services.

Some of these topics are discussed in Dr. Jackson's thesis; others are left for future research, or  might be  natural for human-level AI using the TalaMind® approach. The TalaMind® architecture and Tala® language will need further research and development before they can be used for human-level AI or for specific applications.

TalaMind LLC does not claim expertise in domains and technologies outside AI and software development (such as motion pictures, for example). The LLC offers consulting services to organizations that have such expertise, regarding how TalaMind® and Tala® could support or use technologies for their domains.

TalaMind LLC will also consider offers to fund long-term consulting, research, design, and development of software for each topic.